Solitaire UK is a producer and seller of Natural Oils, Extracts & Oleoresins using the latest SCFE CO2 technology. We also have a dedicated inhouse laboratory where we are continuously improving & developing products that can be launched into the market.


Production site is spread across 3 acres with 2 plants currently running at capacity of over 3,000 ltr/day of SCFE CO2 Oils. In addition to this, our current Oleoresin production capacity is 4,000 Kg/day and we are currently in process of doubling this capacity within the next 3-6 months. We also have 3 large warehouses with capacity of over 100 Tonne of storage within our manufacturing compound.


All our production is done in India, which is a hub for spices & aromatic raw-materials. Our facility has ISO-9001, HACCP, Halal, WHO-GMP & FSSAI (Food Safety & Standard) certifications.


We also believe that beauty products should be cruelty free. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy, and proactively monitor our supply chain to ensure that each cosmetic raw material and ingredient we sell meets Cruelty Free International’s strict Leaping Bunny criteria. We will be happy to provide our statement for anyone seeking Leaping Bunny approval or for those already approved. For more information about Cruelty Free International, Leaping Bunny and the criteria, please visit


Solitaire UK is a member of Merton Chamber of Commerce, London.


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Our Belief & Values

  1. Invest in Our Farmers: We truly believe that quality product depends on quality raw material and hence we invest our time & money in farmers who produce these raw-material for us. They get fair price for their produce (& in some cases a premium!) and get advice from our experts on how to produce best quality crop! Consequently, our Oils & Extracts are of superior quality & competitively priced.
  2. NEVER ever Blended: We take pride in selling our products in nothing but purest form. This might make us look more expensive than our competitors but we rather lose business than sell something that is not what it says on its tin!
  3. Long-term relationships: we believe in long term relationships with our clients, partners & our farmers. This is done via gaining their trust by doing what we say we will do, learning from ours & their mistakes (Yes, we admit we do mistakes sometimes!) and providing excellent service throughout
  4. Research & Development for the future: nothing can be same forever and therefore we invest heavily in research & development of new products and fine tuning our existing product range. We are not afraid of trying new ways of working & making mistakes so that we can be a step ahead of competition